Our story starts in New England where both Eric and I grew up and raised our families. We decided to jump on the trend, both of us with extensive restaurant experience and Eric an educated culinary chef it just made sense to open a local food truck. We operated our Victorian/Steampunk themed burger truck for 3 years. Our brand was "burgers with a twist". Then one evening out a customer asked if we could create a peanut butter and jelly burger. We pondered on this for a while. We came up with a recipe which was with thai peanut sauce and our customer mentioned that they loved blueberry jam. It was kind of kismet because without thinking I replied oh yes I can make blueberry jam, that's easy and a company was born. We started with a classic blueberry jam, all natural with local Maine blueberries. I knew all this from my childhood which we will get to in a bit. Then the word got out that we made our own blueberry jam and customers started asking if we could sell our jam. Then our next burger with a twist was the Big Kahuna with deli ham, cheddar cheese, grilled onions and my pina colada jam. This makes me hungry lol! From there we quickly introduced and sold 14 flavors. Then we were pitching our first retail account in Kennebunkport, Maine and the owner says you know what Miss Phannie? I can get blueberry jam anywhere but you know what I can't get? Boozy blueberry jam. From here we took a big risk changing the infrastructure of the company to re-defining jams and jellies with a boozy twist!

Our very brand, my heart and soul starts with "shop Local". Many people ask what this abbreviation means, that's easy. Shop local means to source locally, enjoy the gifts of mother earth with organic and fresh ingredients and to gracefully pass on my grandmother's philosophy as she taught me growing up. I will always cherish those hot wonderful days where the women in our community would spend the day picking blueberries, strawberries, apples etc. then go back to her tiny kitchen and can for days. It was such a special time and shaped who I am and my principles that I instilled into my kids to pass on to their kids. 

Why candles? Well that's pretty easy.. I can't knit but I love arts and crafts. Also in the spirit of shop/local in my candle making I am able to utilize yet another gift from mother earth, soy wax, made in the US. Our candles are all natural soy with many beautiful aromas to enjoy. 

Then two years ago we fell in love with Gettysburg to the point where we added our first private label, Phannie's Battlefield Jams where each flavor has a historical connection to Gettysburg along with so many resources and coops to access only the freshest ingredients year round.. We are also able to enjoy our hobby as reenactors and we enjoy our pop up boutique here in Gettysburg where we cater to the visitors. We are pleased they get to take something homemade right here in Gettysburg for them to remember their fun visit. Here we are and thank you for reading our story!