As a highly creative artisan, Joyce O’Brien has been upcycling and repurposing items into beautiful works of art for many years. With her love for vintage bling, she thought that delightful and elegant costume jewelry should be enjoyed and appreciated in other ways than tangled in a jewelry box, thus ReJOYCED Jewelry art was born. Each one-of-a-kind jeweled collage is meticulously created and often takes several days to evolve and complete. Joyce goes to estate sales, thrift stores, social media markets and generous friends and family to gather hundreds of jewels for her compositions. She hand-picks and sifts through countless tiny treasures to create each artistically layered, balanced, eye-catching and dazzling combination. Her designs are then permanently transferred and adhered to a velvet background housed in an upcycled easel backed frame that compliments the artwork. Her custom creations are also available using your mother’s or grandmother’s costume jewelry as a visible memento to enjoy rather than keepsakes hidden in a drawer. Please inquire for details so the old can become brilliant and new for all to see and re-love again. These custom ReJOYCED Jewelry works of art make the most unforgettable gifts!