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GraysonsWorkshop began with the birth of our first child Grayson in October of 2012. Prior to Grayson, I had made a variety of furniture, but with a newborn my interest shifted to things I could make for him. I began using a scroll saw to hand cut colorful puzzles and toys. Then, I began teaching adult scroll saw classes. In 2015, our daughter Killian was born. Her female perspective brought butterflies and unicorns to our shop and at her suggestion I have tried dyeing many of our items in pink or purple. In her mind, any puzzle, regardless of subject matter, can be pink! Also, in 2015, one of our original designs was published in Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts Magazine. Since then, several other designs have been published and more are in the works! I think I get the most enjoyment from designing and cutting puzzles. It's always a challenge and I enjoy the feedback when people see our work. Many of our toys and puzzles are the result of something suggested by our friends and family. Feel free to become part of our extended family and email us any suggestions or comments.