My name is Natalie and I am the creator and maker of KimmyBears. KimmyBears©® began with the death of my wife, February 14, 2019. I took some of her clothing, favorites of mine, and created MemoryBears so that I would have a tangible remembrance.  I offered the bears to her office coworkers and to the facility where we took chemo and they both accepted them. They said that her energy and her spirit lived in those clothes. After a while, and because I loved the bear itself, I started to make more bears from new fabric as well as the MemoryBears. The name, KimmyBear©®, was given to me by a friend as we worked in the kitchen of my synagogue.  She said that the bears are in memory of my Kim and I loved that idea …. And KimmyBear©® was born! I make KimmyBears©® from new fabric in two sizes.  Periodically, I am commissioned to create a MemoryBear from articles of clothing belonging to someone dear who has died. Orders may be taken at the create&co shop in Linglestown, PA or online at Please contact the shop to make arrangements or if you have questions for your future KimmyBear!