Sharon has had a career as a Registered Nurse for twenty years and a Psychotherapist for thirty one years.  She is now retired and find herself in a perfect time of life to enjoy her gift of stained glass creation with abandon. She has always loved artistic creation in almost every form during her life.  For the last twelve years her joy has centered on the art of stained glass. Her work is equally divided between “cold” work  and “hot” work with stained glass.  Simply stated, cold work is the most common technique of bonding pieces of glass together with lead solder, and ”hot” work is bonding the pieces of glass together using a kiln and high heat to as much as 1450 degrees. Sharon specializes in creating Tiffany style lamp shades and fused lacey glass sculptures, sometimes called sugar glass. The material and process used in her work uses several types of stained glass sheets such as Youghiogheny, Uroboros and Kokomo.  These are perfect glasses for cold work and add great interest in swirl and streaked color patterns to the finished product.  Other manufactured stained glass that is made to accept extreme heat comes in brilliant colors.  These come from Wissmach, Bullseye and Spectrum.