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I spent much of my youth with my mouth full of soap (when I swore… a lot), or full of Whoopie Pies. I was a nonstop taste tester in search of the world’s best Whoopie Pie – one that you have no qualms yanking right out of someone’s hand, while looking them straight in the eye and offering up NO apologies. Trust me, friends, not all Whoopies are created equal…A gazillion calories and anticlimactic endings later, I can say with confidence that my very own, Tico’s, are – without question – the best! Every day, my grandma “Tico” used “Why Not!” as her motto. She squeezed each drop out of the lemons in her life! “WHOOPIE!” Should have been her middle name! At least her brand of crazy was this side of legal, and we now use it as our daily inspiration. What in the world is a Tico? To this day, I still don’t know… My special needs brother Jimmy came up with the nickname as a child, and hot damn, it stuck! The ovens at Tico’s Family Bakery went on in 1939, when bread was 7 cents a loaf, gas was 10 cents a gallon, and Batman first appeared in comics. Her local gathering spot was known for its addictive, monstrous Whoopie Pies, cinnamon twists, and breads. In this “everyone knows your name” town in Western Pennsylvania, World War II called the men away, and my mom left school early to roll up her sleeves and pitch in at the bakery. Luckily, mom inherited Tico’s handwritten recipe cards – and I have them today!

What is a Whoopie Pie?

Tico’s Whoopies are the Picasso of all treats! Dense, moist, cake-like sandwiches surround a generous portion of luscious, creamy filling. It looks like a spaceship, tastes like heaven. Tico’s Whoopie Pies are a whoppingly huge masterpiece — nearly one-third of a pound! When you are looking for the most satisfaction, a four-inch Whoopie Pie is always better than a measly two-inch cupcake. Heck, it takes at least two or three piddly cupcakes to try and fill the shoes of just one Tico’s Whoopie Pie! Made from scratch the old fashioned way, no two are alike — each its own lovable hunk of edible art.

Whoopie Pies were born when leftover cake batter was baked into hamburger-shaped “Gobs,” then filled with sweet, fluffy creme. Upon opening lunch boxes, yells of “Whoopie!” were heard at first bite. Now, Tico’s brings homemade lovin’ to any of your special events, whether it’s a 96th birthday party, good luck on exams, The World’s Largest Gathering of Twins, a “Congrats, you did it!” celebration, or the occasional illicit affair!

If you are currently dieting, stop reading and click here because we only use the finest ingredients of European chocolate, fresh buttermilk, local eggs, creamy butter and fragrant vanilla. If you are worried about what you have to give up in order to get it this good, the answer is Marshmallow Fluff. UGH! Fluff is for sticks at camp fires and rice krispies treats — never, ever in a REAL homemade Tico’s Whoopie Pie!!

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