So what exactly are Stroopies? Stroopies are a Lancaster-made Dutch stroopwafel, pressed in a waffle iron using local ingredients from companies committed to social responsibility. Two cinnamon waffles sandwich a layer of homemade caramel making a delicious cookie that is just the right size to rewarm on top of your favorite mug over a hot beverage. Stroopies are also the perfect compliment to ice cream! With options including everything from gluten-free and honey-infused, to a variety of decadent flavors dipped in locally-made Wilbur Chocolate, there is something for everyone to love. Founded in 2008, the Lancaster Stroopie Company has two main goals. One is to make delicious cookies. The other is to make a difference in the lives of refugee women and their families as they make a fresh start in the United States. “It can be kind of lonely when you’re in a new place,” Groff says. “And even though the women are from all different parts of the world, there’s just this community that’s developed at work, which is really, really beautiful.”