Pure Wild Tea is a company that takes traditions of yesterday and preserves them in a bottle. When you drink a bottle of Pure Wild Tea’s meadow mint tea, it will remind you of “HOME,” sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen on a hot summer’s day being served mint tea the way grandma always made it. I grew up as a fifth generation child drinking meadow mint tea. I remember as a child my mother would give me a basket and scissors to hunt the wild tea along the creeks, in the meadows, and in the woods. My mother would boil water and steep the wild mint tea leaves, add sugar, and let it cool. She would serve this drink to guests when they would visit and also serve it cold in the hot hay fields.This delicious, thirst quenching, refreshing mint tea drink was commonly made by many people and served the same way. But, as time went on, only a few were able to preserve this tradition. In many ways, the old ways of learning how to keep some of our tried-and-true traditions were lost in the fast-paced world of convenience we live in. After losing my mother to cancer at the young age of 48, I decided to preserve as many of the family traditions she taught me and pass them onto my children. My mission was to keep these treasured traditions of cooking from scratch common, so they wouldn’t be lost so easily. These traditions kept the memory of my mother alive and it also taught my children what their grandmother did. The passion I had to teach my children about their grandmother led me on this amazing journey called “Pure Wild Tea.”