Hello! I can't tell you how excited I am to join this team of such talented artisans! Watercolor has always been a passion of mine but not until I retired was I finally able to devote the time necessary for this medium. I've found that the layers and layers of this magical transparent paint slowly turn into something so realistic it nearly comes to life! You can ask anyone, I'm known to name the subjects in my paintings as they are so dear to me. Those subjects include: animals, fruit and the occasional vegetable!  What makes my art come alive is the vibrant colors and the intense shadowing and blooms that I embrace as they are part of this unique art that is like no other. If I'm not painting, I'm horseback riding, taking an exercise class, cooking for my family or out with friends!  To say I'm busier now as I'm retired is an understatement! I'll never stop learning and growing - Look out world, here I come!